Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Activity week: Day 1

Day 1 of activity week was fun and creative. We did painting with only three primary colours, Red, Yellow and Blue.We had three options two draw, A vase with flowers, A pot with a cross and A clay plate with can.

I Chose the The Vase with flowers. It didn't turn out very good, It kinda looked like a bouquet. The year 8 painter of the day was Salamona, Tied for Second place was Petelo and Genevieve. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Film Festival

It was very exciting to attend the 6th annual Manaiakalani film festival. St Pius X Catholic school waited in the cinema with Glen Innes Primary school for their films to come up on the big screen.
Catherine and Sione presented their amazing music video called “Friends” ( There video will be available on the Manaiakalani website ).

I would have to say my favourite part of the day was coming on the bus to Sylvia park and watching the short films. My favourite short film besides St Pius’ has to be Point England School’s ‘Express Yourself’ short film. < ---- All videos available here

St Pius X Facts Slide :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Favourite Sports Player

Influential Person - Gordon Tallis
Gordon Tallis is one of the top Australian Tongan National Rugby League players in the word. He does not have a full head of hair.
He has now retired. His nickname was the raging bull, because when he got the ball he would run like a bull seeing red. He was one of the most feared players in the NRL.

Communion of Saints

St Mary  Mother of God                            St Anthony of Padua   
St Patrick of Ireland                   St Pius X
Communion Of Saints

Testing Week

This week so far has been very stressful  due to all the testing, The Maths test was okay to me, Some were easy and some were not. The reading and writing was nerve racking but it turned out to be a bit easy. Today we had our hard spelling test, at first it was easy but then it got harder. I hope my test results turn out good :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shapes Tangram

In maths we are using to manipulate other shapes to make a figure, letter and bigger shapes.
The following shapes we used was:  5 triangles ( 2 big, 2 little and 1 medium ), 1 little square and 1 parallelogram. These pieces are called a tangram.  

This is what I've made so far:

Rugby Tournament

It was cloudy afternoon at our rugby tournament, our first game was against Pamnure Bridge. We were under way. We started of with some early tries and some good plans, Paulasi, David F and I scored in that game. We won our first 3 games, Until we lost to Tamaki primary in our fourth normal game and grand finals.

My highlights of the tournament was meeting new people and scoring tries.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fraction number line

Today I able to put fraction into order using the number line.

                  |      |        |
                 3/4. 6/12 or 1/2.  7/12

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cross Country Report

In cross country the course was very long. All Saint Pius X Catholic Students were sent into to their age groups and waited for the sport event to start.

It starts from the oldest to the youngest ( yr8 down to yr1).
The placings for cross country is first, second and third, like every       other race. There are lead runners for every race. older Students  run up and down castledene crescent block which is a very long distance, meanwhile the younger students run around the field.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reading Portfolio

I am able to add words to a text to make sense 

water ✔
A ✔
the ✔
rock ✔
the ✔
quiet ✔
the ✔
looking ✔
flies ✔
high x
looking ✔
leaves x
and ✔
wings x
rock x
the ✔
hard x



On Frog Pond
This task is about adding words to a  text so it makes sense -  This will also show comprehension and understanding of text.

Read the text and put in the correct word.
It's early morning on frog pond. As the sun rises, light sparkles on the water (1).    All sorts of  pond animals are waking up. A (2) busy day is beginning.
    At the edge of the (3) pond, a little green frog sits on a rock (4) in the water. He
is hidden here among the (5) floating plants. He keeps very still and very quiet (6).
His big, bulging eyes are watching. He's watching the (7) dragonflies. He's watching for
slugs and worms. He's looking (8) for flies. This little frog is hungry for flies (9).
    Someone else is hungry too. A dragonfly hums high (10) above the water. She is a fierce
hunter,looking (11) for insects. She hovers near a clump of leaves (12). She can fly in
any direction, even backwards and (13) sideways. Like the frog, she has very
big wings (14). Suddenly she spots a fly crawling up a rock (15). She swoops down
like an arrow and grabs the(16) fly with her powerful front legs. Gripping it
hard(17), she munches away at it with her sharp body(18) parts.
    The little frog has seen all this alone(19). He turns very slightly. He's ready to pounce,
but (20) he keeps very still. He hopes that the __________(21) will take off towards him
when she's finished __________(22). He hopes she won't notice him sitting
still __________(23) green among the pond weed. Soon she flies __________(24).

Maths Portfolio 2

I am learning to solve Rate and Ratio using level 4 stragies
This resource is about showing how to solve problems involving rates and ratios
Show how you work these problem out.

1.  Mara has 4 books for every 3 books Chloe has.

Chloe has 12 books.

Mara has 16 books
12 divided by 3 = 4
16 divided by 4 = 4
What is the ratio?  Explain using the ratio
12 : 16

2.  Sam gets $15 every 5 weeks for doing work around the house.
Show how to work out how many weeks it will take Sam to save $60
20 weeks = $60
10 weeks = $30. because double of 15 is 30 and double of 5 is 10.
What is the ratio?  Explain using the ratio.

3.  There are 6 boys for every 4 girls in a hockey team.
There are 10 girls in the team
Show how to work out how many boys are in the team.
its 4:6 but I make it 2:3
2 x 5 = 10
3 x 5 = 15
Answer 10 : 15

Maths Portfolio 1

I am able to solve fraction using place value and reversibility
This task is about finding fractions of a given number.
Level 3 fraction 3

A farmer is selling some of his animals.

1.  The farmer sells ¼ of his 72 cows.  Show how to work out how many cows he sess.
4 x ___= 72
4 x 10 = 40
4 x 8 = 32
10 + 8 = 18 <---- ¼ of his 72 cows
32 + 40 = 72

2. He sells ⅓ of his 45 pigs.  Show how to work out how many pigs he sells.
45 divided by 3 = ___
30 divided by 3 = 10
15 divided by 3 = 3
10 + 3 = 13 <----- ⅓ of his 45 pigs
30 + 15 = 45

3.   He sells ⅙ of his 84 sheep.  Show how to work out how many sheep he sells.
6 x ___ = 84
6 x 10 = 60
6 x 4 = 24
10 + 3 = 13 <---- ⅙ of his 84 sheep
60 + 24 = 48.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Recount and Descriptive writings

What a day with Saint Joseph’s school from Orakei. Saint Pius X school gathered them with a kind welcome in our church. After our welcome mass we had lunch with them outside our classes. It was really fun playing with St Joseph’s students even though they grade year stopped at six. Next was our concert, we performed a awesome concert so did St Joseph’s school. As we said goodbye, they said thank you. My highlight for the day was playing with my little friends Blake, Finley and Finn. Happy Catholic Schools Day.

I am a young tall and chubby boy. I have black wavy hair and have dark brown eyes with a dark blue outline. I am neat and presentable at times. I am a bit tan and have a square head and face. I have pimples all over my forehead and cheeks.
I am an amusing and funny person because I make all my friends laugh. I am also an joyful and cheerful person because I like to laugh and cheer along with my friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Measurement Estimation Problem

This is a red bucket that will be filled with 2832 ml
and also there is a 236 ml cup. Our problem was to estimate how much 236 ml cups will fill this 2832 ml bucket.

Tevita Fohe in our group estimated twelve 236 ml cups will fill this red bucket, which was right. This how we worked it out :
in 12 there is a 10 and a 2.
10 x 236 = 2360
2 x 236 = 472
Answer 472 + 2360 = 2832. 2 litres and 832 millilitres.

My group:

Monday, June 17, 2013

God's Desire

What does God want from you ? I think that God wants me to the right thing that's why he sent Jesus.

What is stopping me from what God wants me to? I think no one stopping me because I make my own decisions and my decision is to praise God

God Strand

Friday, June 14, 2013

Role Model In family

The person I look up too the most in my family is my Mum.   She is a great cook.  She made delicious meal for our family.   
she is generous, helpful, incredible and caring mum. She cares for me by waking up in the morning and prepares my lunch, uniforms and much more. She is generous and helpful by participating in every school fundraising by donating money for the good cause. My mum inspires me because she cares for anyone and everyone.

Descriptive Writing about me

I am a young tall and chubby boy. I have black wavy hair and have dark brown eyes with a dark blue outline. I am neat and presentable at times. I am a bit tan and have a square head and face. I have pimples all over my forehead and cheeks.
I am an amusing and funny person because I make all my friends laugh. I am also an joyful and cheerful person because I like to laugh and cheer along with my friends.  Honesty is the best policy : I am honest because I do not like to tell lies.

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Favourite Thing ...

My hobby is playing sports but my all time favourite thing to do is play rugby. I like the way the players have so much energy. My favourite part  of the game is the passing, what I like about the passing is that it is so different and perfect to the way they passed back then. The games has so much adrenaline and sportsmanship that it makes me want to play myself. And that is why rugby is my favourite thing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

At school...

At school we do a lot of things but the thing we do the most is learning, there may be a lot of arguments in and out of class but we all get along at the end. What I like like about school is the students and the staff because of how respectful and helpful they are. What happen lately at school: Netball season started for our yr 6,7 and 8. We have recently had a instructor to come to our school and teach us new skills about soccer.

Also in term 2 (which is this term) week four there will be a swimming pool and kind instructor coming to our school. And that’s what happened at school.

My Passion...

I'm passionate about a lot of things but what I’m really passionate about is National Rugby League also known as NRL. What got me into NRL was the speed of the players and how much action there is. What I like about NRL is how eager the players want to win and how the grand finals are always intense. My favourite team in NRL has to be the Melbourne Storm because how good their players are.

I admire the way players treat others with good sportsmanship at the end of their game. It has made a big impact in my life since I started watching it.And that is why I'm so passionate about NRL.

Can Plants Survive in a Plastic bag

Science  Experiment.
Aim What plants need to grow, Soil, Light, Water
Method:.first I put the plastic cup in a glad snap lock bag..I add soil to fill about 2/3 of the cup.I gently plant 3 seed in the soil.I added 2 bottle caps into the plastic cup.I then filled the water cap with water and set it on the soil.I sealed the bag.finally I set it outside in the sun.

Result:After four days.

Conclusion:Nothing happened because we need air and water.

Maths Presentation Problem

Easter Vigil

This picture is about three things and that three things is the triduum

The candle represents the light whom belongs to God the father almighty.

The water represents holy water which is used for baptism,special occasions and new life

The bible represents the liturgy of the word.

The triduum is also known as Easter Vigil

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day Letter

Again it’s that day just for mothers. We help, clean and cook breakfast just for them. I would like to thank for everything you've done for me mum. I appreciate the way you iron my clothes and the way you pack my lunch. Without her I wouldn't have been here to day.

I love my mother yes I do, for she is the one that has been there too! I love my mother yes i do. For if I had no mother like the one I do, I would be lonely. I love my mother yes I do for she is the one that taught me too.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The Triduum is about three main celebrations that happen during Easter. The first celebration is the Lord's supper where Jesus broke the bread and blessed it and said to his disciples "This my body which will be given up for you, do this in memory of me". Then he took the challis filled up with wine and blessed it and said " this my blood which be poured for you and for many, do this in memory of me.

The Second celebration is the crucifixion of Jesus. He was given a large ugly heavy cross to carry to Calvary. Jesus was stripped of his clothes and women mourn for ages. He arrived at Calvary and was whipped more. They held him down and nailed his feet and hands to the cross. After six hours Jesus died and was laid in a tomb.

The third celebration, Mary (Jesus' mother) and one other woman went to see Jesus in the tomb. As they entered the tomb they realised Jesus wasn't there. They exit the tomb and they saw a man dressed in fine wearing he said " he is not here, he has risen" So Mary and the other woman ran into town and told the good news.
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for Jesus Christ our risen lord for dying for our sins Amen.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Dear Majestic God, Thank you for all you've done for me and for others Amen.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy

Today is Holy Thursday. St Pius X catholic school had a easter liturgy. I was Jesus and I was given a lot of lines to remember. The liturgy started, I walked down the church aisle with a serious face and sat down to eat the bread and drink wine with my disciples. After that I washed my disciple's feet and prayed to my Eternal God before I was nailed to the cross.

I was pushed around all the way to my crucification. I was nailed to the by four angry soldier that didn’t believe I was the king of jews. Then an angel showed up and said Jesus wasn’t at his tomb.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

GO TUIS the kids yelled as the events started. My first event was shot put, I leaned back, jumped forward and pushed as hard I could and I just made it in third place.  

We moved clockwise to our next event, “go house leaders” shout the kids as they got ready for their races. The Tui’s house leaders started their event, It was my turn I ran as fast as I could and made it back just in time to place 2 for my team.

Next was the bean bag race, this game wasn’t about winning it was about sportsmanship. I started of by running and picking up the bean bags and putting them into a bag.

After lunch the nine,ten,eleven and twelve year old boys and girls headed of the the end of the field for their races. I placed 2nd in my heat and 5th in my final.
My experience for athletics day was really fun and enjoyable.

Soul Friend Mass

On Friday morning two days before the feast day of Saint Patrick, we Saint Pius X school celebrated with a soul friend mass. Father Ioane (  our new priest ) started us with the sign of the cross. Before the prayers of the faithful I made a promise to my soul friends which was to always be there for them in there needs of trouble. My experience for the soul friends mass was lovely.


For two days, Room 7 experienced triathlon training.    It was tiring but fun.  I did a lot of running and biking around the flags that were put around the field.   The biking was the best part of the triathlon  because I felt like I zooming around the field . The running was okay until I got to the end, I felt really puffed. The experience was AWESOME.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

All about me poem

Sibling of Latai, Rosrine, George, Nasili jr
Lover of Sport
Who fears Fatal Errors
Who needs to see everyone being fair
Who gives joy
Who would like to see heros
Resident of New Zealand

Welcome to 2013

Kia Ora and Welcome to my blog for 2013, I can't wait to share my work with you enjoy :)