Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

GO TUIS the kids yelled as the events started. My first event was shot put, I leaned back, jumped forward and pushed as hard I could and I just made it in third place.  

We moved clockwise to our next event, “go house leaders” shout the kids as they got ready for their races. The Tui’s house leaders started their event, It was my turn I ran as fast as I could and made it back just in time to place 2 for my team.

Next was the bean bag race, this game wasn’t about winning it was about sportsmanship. I started of by running and picking up the bean bags and putting them into a bag.

After lunch the nine,ten,eleven and twelve year old boys and girls headed of the the end of the field for their races. I placed 2nd in my heat and 5th in my final.
My experience for athletics day was really fun and enjoyable.

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