Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy

Today is Holy Thursday. St Pius X catholic school had a easter liturgy. I was Jesus and I was given a lot of lines to remember. The liturgy started, I walked down the church aisle with a serious face and sat down to eat the bread and drink wine with my disciples. After that I washed my disciple's feet and prayed to my Eternal God before I was nailed to the cross.

I was pushed around all the way to my crucification. I was nailed to the by four angry soldier that didn’t believe I was the king of jews. Then an angel showed up and said Jesus wasn’t at his tomb.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

GO TUIS the kids yelled as the events started. My first event was shot put, I leaned back, jumped forward and pushed as hard I could and I just made it in third place.  

We moved clockwise to our next event, “go house leaders” shout the kids as they got ready for their races. The Tui’s house leaders started their event, It was my turn I ran as fast as I could and made it back just in time to place 2 for my team.

Next was the bean bag race, this game wasn’t about winning it was about sportsmanship. I started of by running and picking up the bean bags and putting them into a bag.

After lunch the nine,ten,eleven and twelve year old boys and girls headed of the the end of the field for their races. I placed 2nd in my heat and 5th in my final.
My experience for athletics day was really fun and enjoyable.

Soul Friend Mass

On Friday morning two days before the feast day of Saint Patrick, we Saint Pius X school celebrated with a soul friend mass. Father Ioane (  our new priest ) started us with the sign of the cross. Before the prayers of the faithful I made a promise to my soul friends which was to always be there for them in there needs of trouble. My experience for the soul friends mass was lovely.


For two days, Room 7 experienced triathlon training.    It was tiring but fun.  I did a lot of running and biking around the flags that were put around the field.   The biking was the best part of the triathlon  because I felt like I zooming around the field . The running was okay until I got to the end, I felt really puffed. The experience was AWESOME.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

All about me poem

Sibling of Latai, Rosrine, George, Nasili jr
Lover of Sport
Who fears Fatal Errors
Who needs to see everyone being fair
Who gives joy
Who would like to see heros
Resident of New Zealand

Welcome to 2013

Kia Ora and Welcome to my blog for 2013, I can't wait to share my work with you enjoy :)