Thursday, June 20, 2013

Measurement Estimation Problem

This is a red bucket that will be filled with 2832 ml
and also there is a 236 ml cup. Our problem was to estimate how much 236 ml cups will fill this 2832 ml bucket.

Tevita Fohe in our group estimated twelve 236 ml cups will fill this red bucket, which was right. This how we worked it out :
in 12 there is a 10 and a 2.
10 x 236 = 2360
2 x 236 = 472
Answer 472 + 2360 = 2832. 2 litres and 832 millilitres.

My group:

Monday, June 17, 2013

God's Desire

What does God want from you ? I think that God wants me to the right thing that's why he sent Jesus.

What is stopping me from what God wants me to? I think no one stopping me because I make my own decisions and my decision is to praise God

God Strand

Friday, June 14, 2013

Role Model In family

The person I look up too the most in my family is my Mum.   She is a great cook.  She made delicious meal for our family.   
she is generous, helpful, incredible and caring mum. She cares for me by waking up in the morning and prepares my lunch, uniforms and much more. She is generous and helpful by participating in every school fundraising by donating money for the good cause. My mum inspires me because she cares for anyone and everyone.

Descriptive Writing about me

I am a young tall and chubby boy. I have black wavy hair and have dark brown eyes with a dark blue outline. I am neat and presentable at times. I am a bit tan and have a square head and face. I have pimples all over my forehead and cheeks.
I am an amusing and funny person because I make all my friends laugh. I am also an joyful and cheerful person because I like to laugh and cheer along with my friends.  Honesty is the best policy : I am honest because I do not like to tell lies.