Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poem of Saint Pius X

His birth name is Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, His Saint name is Saint Pius X
Four traits he was a Saint, Pope, Priest and refugee
He had three brothers and six sisters
He mostly loved everything especially his family.
He felt astonished when he became Pope Pius V
He needs the Catholic parish to give him the authority
He gives his live to God and God only
He prayed so he wouldn't fear things.
He wanted to see Pope Pius IX
He was born in Riese. Lombardy - Venetia, Austrian Empire
His last name is Sarto

Monday, August 20, 2012

David Copperfield Summarise

This Term in my reading group I'm reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
 This is what I have summarised so far 

Peggotty brought  up the idea to take a trip to Yarmouth for a treat. They needed permission .David was standing at the door watching his Mum and Mr Murdstone walking towards the house. David was jealous of this man. He did not like his deep voice.  Mum was soon kissing David off to Yarmouth.

Ratio Problem

L.I We are learning simple ratio by repeated copying.
Isaiah bought a bag of Apples, In the bag there were 3 red apples and 4 green apples. 

How many Greens and how many Reds would there be in 6 bags, 8 bags and 12 bags.
Can you solve my problem?