Friday, November 18, 2011

America Here I Come

Today I'm going to America for my dad’s book released. So I’m very excited to go America and I’m proud of my dad because he worked so hard on that book and I hope my dad and I have a safe trip to San Fransisco. It will be my first time in America and it will also be the first time to see my Nana so that will also be exciting. It will be a very long trip there more like fourteen hours. So I'll be back in New Zealand by the week after next week.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Years




Kingdom of Tonga

Tonga love their king they celebrate his birthday and death

They celebrate the king’s birthday by cooking him food and give him gift`s like making a woven skirt also known as a ta pa you wear it on your waist

Us Tongans love our church we love to sing loud and proud and we also love our sports like rugby and volley ball on a hot day

We have a lot of trees and we drink a lot of coconut milk.

We have sometimes have to remember a hole bible verse for church

If we do something wrong we get a huge smack with something hard.

And we are so proud of our rugby team

And that’s why I'm proud to be a Tongan.


What do people like to sing on Christmas? Carols and charity

Christmas is the day of of Jesus when he was born

When is Christmas? 25th of December

Christmas is a day of joy

Why is Christmas on the 25th of December? It's very tough for us kiwis to imagine Mary and Joseph trudging to Bethlehem in anything but, as Christina Rosetti memorably described it, "the bleak mid-winter," surrounded by "snow on snow on snow." To us, Christmas and December are inseparable. But for the first three centuries of Christianity, Christmas wasn't in December—or on the calendar anywhere.Xmas is originally a pagan day of worship.

Christmas is a day for Christans so non Christan don't celebrate Christmas

Cullen Vs New Born

Hey guys there is a new movie coming up on our movie it is called “New born vs Cullen”

We aslo did hard work on it and we like working together and we had Heep's of fun when we acted it out so we hope you enjoy the movie.

The roles in the movies are played by:

Catherine: director

New Born Team : Siliva, Daniel, Vililatai , Isaiah

Cullen, Eneasi, Salamona, Jordan, Tevita

Jasper: Isaiah
Emmett: Daniel
Edward: Siliva
Carlsile: Vili

Jacob: Tevita
Sam: Eneasi
Collin: Jordan
Seth: Salamona.

And that’s the people in our movie

Monday, September 12, 2011

Soldier Boy The Story

There once was a little cottage with a boy and girl, they lived with their mother. One day their mother said to the boy "johnny can you go and get some fish from west side of the lake?" and the mother also said to the girl (which was her daughter) to go to get some berries from town, "here is some money". The daughter walked all the way to town and she bought the berries liked the mother told her to. Before she went the shop keeper said "I will always remember you because you are the most kindest person to me and you have one of the most brightest brunet hair and brown eyes" The shop keeper said to her "do you have a brother?" then she said "yes". "Okay, where is he now?" "he’s down by the river" "which river?" "the one near crock lake he’s getting fish" "Oh no, what do mean?, there is no fish at the crock lake there are only crocodiles at crock lake, don’t you get the hint crock from the word crocodile?". The daughter ran home and told her mother and they both ran down the to the lake.
It was to late, the lake was covered with blood and they saw some eyes glaring at them and then they ran quickly to their cottage. They saw a note on their table, it said 'Dear mother and sister I have joined the army because I must protect you and the country, love Johnny' "hurray" said the mother. "What do mean hurray, he’s going to the army" exclaimed the daughter"But that means he is still alive." said the mother
They needed to find the army he went to and why, so off they went asking people where the nearest army was. The people said it was across crock lake, so off they went again to crock lake and they crossed crock lake safely.

They saw a soldier near by, he was guarding the gate to crocodile army. The soldier said "are you here to see someone?” and then they said "yes". "okay who are you going to see" said the soldier. Mother said "we are here to see johnny Hex". The soldier said he was in training now, so they couldn’t see him now. "Can we see him train?" asked Mother. "No the place he’s gone to train is top secret so you should leave".


Monday, August 22, 2011

Yes Holiday Time again!!!
That was one lovely holiday, we did a lot of stuff as we managed to watched movies. One movie was called “Ink heart” it was about a man with a silver tongue ( a silver tongue is person who reads and then becomes all the characters from the book ) .

Once the man was looking for at the book called Ink Heart because his wife Resa was trapped in the book because when a character comes out somebody goes in and that somebody was his wife but then she was read out by another silver tongue that was bossed around by one really bad guy that was read out by that good man. So that was one movie. Did you see it?The other movie was called City of Ember it was about a underground location that was built after the world ended. There were numerous blackouts in the city and the longest blackout was for twenty seconds witch is kind of short for a underground city because an underground has no electricity. So that’s why? There were two little kids who found the way out and they did solve the request. So we ended with up a lot movies in the holiday. It was AWESOME...

Monday, August 1, 2011

I’m really looking forward to doing some more blogging and I just can’t wait till New Zealand gets to host the Rugby World Cup. It’s huge to all the people who live in New Zealand especially me because I live in New Zealand. The really big part is my hometown Tonga is versing the New Zealand All Black’s.For those of you that have your tickets your LUCKY.

Friday, June 17, 2011


taking for all the four team the TUIS, GECKO, KEAS, KIWI. I was in the TUIS, it was very exciting after lunch time.

It was time for athletics.The first race was the 5 year old boys and girls,next was the 5 year old girls heat race, We came first.And in the 5 year old boys heat we came second this time because of my cousin Malakai, but i remember my Principal told us it does not mean there better than you there just faster than you.Then it was time for the 6 year old boys and girls this time it was the boys first Kahlane was the leader for the Keas he was not because he was a 6 year old boy it because he was supporting a runner in the keas named Fonuotu he came first for the Keas we came but no worries but then we came third in the 6 year old girls i don’t remember but we still came third I It is a beautiful day for Athletics that is what we are having today, it was breath knew because she was wearing Red is for Tuis, blues is for Keas and Yellow is for Kiwi and Green is for Geckos.

Next was the seven year old boys and girls my sister was in this one. She was in the same team as me Tuis. However she came first in the heat races then it was time for the final she came second that was well. Next it was time for the 8 year old boys and girls, this time we didn't come 1st 2ND or 3rd but it was okay. After that was the 9 year old boys and girls I sill wasn’t in it because I'm 10 anyway this time the Tuis the team i was in came first it made us have the most wins with the Geckos right behind us just by one win if they win the next one they could get more.
After it was my age turn with my cousin David the fastest in my classroom, so all the 10 year old boys and girls went to the start line the first runners up were the boys there were only 10 of so 3 would come after the first 7 the first six was me my cousin David my friends Jordan, Isaiah, Jonah ,Petelo
Once we herd the blocks we went off it was awesome. Once that race was finish we went better than ever.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Float or Sink

We have been looking at floating and sinking things for Science and we had a blast . We’ve been researching a lot of things and wow a 10 Thousand ton submarine can float and that is kind of weird because it has air in it if it didn’t it will sink .Did you know it will sink like the Titanic. There things that can float . When we did the experiment a Ball, sticks (Popsicle stick) float. It was awesome and I hope we can do it again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is me....!!

First Stanza

I am full with energy
I wonder if my ancestors can see me
I hear wired things
I see other things that other people can’t
I want the world to go on and never stop
I am full with energy

Second Stanza

I pretend that everything I see on movies is real
I feel my little brother’s hands when he is sick
I touch things that I'm not allowed
I worry that my family might die
I cry when one of my family die
I am full with energy

Third Stanza

I understand every thing my teachers teaches me
I say everything is possible
I dream that my job will be the best
I try to make my family proud
I hope that my mum and dad will be proud of me
I am full of energy

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Exciting Holiday

This morning I woke up with a surprise because it was the holiday I know I was going to have a a lot of fun these two weeks because my cousin were coming over from wellington by plane my auntie was on my Dad’s side, that was it I did not know were my uncle side came from all I know is my uncle is married to my auntie and he is related to me. they came to celebrate nothing i think they just came because to have fun with us because my Grandma said they had nothing to do back in Wellington except playing with their Xbox connect and their PlayStation 3 which is kind of weird because those machine is are really cool.

After that my dad said we had to go to sleep at 10:30 pm because they come before 1:00 pm. Later on somewhere 2:30 pm i was a sleep and my cousin starting steering at me while i was sleeping witch is kind of weird in the middle of the night. I knew that because he told in the morning of that day, And my other cousin told me her brother like to play with dolls or I think she said action figures. We had a lot of fun on the first day they came so i planed what we were going to after that day my first idea was to play volleyball but we couldn’t find a ball until my little brother found one.

The Last two days were fun and I had to make the other two days the most exciting. The next day was there last day and we had a lot to do and places to go, we starting packing my cousin’s bag, after we did that we went to the airport and when we to the ticket place my dad gave them the tickets and THE FLIGHT WAS CANCELED and I was happy and sad at the same time so we went home and book another flight and my cousin told the tickets cost over 200 dollars and on the next day we went to the airport again and we got there just in time for the flight so we hugged and said good bye and we went home and that was my holiday.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Anzac letter

Dear Granddad,

It is 1943, I am sending this letter from China so far from home, I was afraid that you were dead until you sent a letter back which I was really happy about so me and Grandmother are fine in China. We tasted a lot of different food and tried a lot of new clothes. Try not to die in the war.

Love Grandmother and Me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Net book is a good tool

Can the Net book be a good tool for learning and is it better than books that is the question ?
100 Percent of our class likes it because they think its better than using a pencil because it hurts your hands and you need another pencil every time you break it. Every year you can keep the same net book not like a pencil.
Another reason why the net books are good is because it does corrections for you when you spell something wrong, not like a book.You can search for something on your net book when your stuck on something and when your teachers give you home work.
Our Teacher says use it wisely because he might take it away when your doing something bad.
There are heaps of ways to describe this machine - it’s awesome, it’s great to work with and also it has amazing graphics.
It’s good with people with small hands and you change the font when it’s small to big if your smart enough to find it.
And that's why you should work this Net book more often.