Friday, June 17, 2011


taking for all the four team the TUIS, GECKO, KEAS, KIWI. I was in the TUIS, it was very exciting after lunch time.

It was time for athletics.The first race was the 5 year old boys and girls,next was the 5 year old girls heat race, We came first.And in the 5 year old boys heat we came second this time because of my cousin Malakai, but i remember my Principal told us it does not mean there better than you there just faster than you.Then it was time for the 6 year old boys and girls this time it was the boys first Kahlane was the leader for the Keas he was not because he was a 6 year old boy it because he was supporting a runner in the keas named Fonuotu he came first for the Keas we came but no worries but then we came third in the 6 year old girls i don’t remember but we still came third I It is a beautiful day for Athletics that is what we are having today, it was breath knew because she was wearing Red is for Tuis, blues is for Keas and Yellow is for Kiwi and Green is for Geckos.

Next was the seven year old boys and girls my sister was in this one. She was in the same team as me Tuis. However she came first in the heat races then it was time for the final she came second that was well. Next it was time for the 8 year old boys and girls, this time we didn't come 1st 2ND or 3rd but it was okay. After that was the 9 year old boys and girls I sill wasn’t in it because I'm 10 anyway this time the Tuis the team i was in came first it made us have the most wins with the Geckos right behind us just by one win if they win the next one they could get more.
After it was my age turn with my cousin David the fastest in my classroom, so all the 10 year old boys and girls went to the start line the first runners up were the boys there were only 10 of so 3 would come after the first 7 the first six was me my cousin David my friends Jordan, Isaiah, Jonah ,Petelo
Once we herd the blocks we went off it was awesome. Once that race was finish we went better than ever.

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  1. Are you writng about running that a very very very VERY VERY long story


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