Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Experience

Boing Boing went the ball. It was just after line up, Mrs Tui told us to go line up near the courts, while my cousin and I helped our coach, coach Bruce and coach Dwayne. Dwayne played for the Auckland Pirates. We started our session getting into groups. Next we learnt how to dribble.

Coach Bruce was teaching us a new game, there were four types of cones, Yellow, White, Red and Blue. Coach Bruce started to speared the cones on the court. So the point of the game was to dribble the ball and flip your coloured cone and then pass the ball to the other person in your team.

After that some of the teams went to the other end of the court and the other team went to the other end. We had to get the ball run to half way and run back and shoot the ball into the hoop, We only had three chances to take the shot and then pass it to the other person in your team.

When coach Bruce blew the whistle I knew that time was up for Room Seven Basketball session but there is always next week. We said thank you to the two coaches and left the court for the next class to come.
I had great time, I can’t wait for next week.

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