Friday, June 3, 2011

Net book is a good tool

Can the Net book be a good tool for learning and is it better than books that is the question ?
100 Percent of our class likes it because they think its better than using a pencil because it hurts your hands and you need another pencil every time you break it. Every year you can keep the same net book not like a pencil.
Another reason why the net books are good is because it does corrections for you when you spell something wrong, not like a book.You can search for something on your net book when your stuck on something and when your teachers give you home work.
Our Teacher says use it wisely because he might take it away when your doing something bad.
There are heaps of ways to describe this machine - it’s awesome, it’s great to work with and also it has amazing graphics.
It’s good with people with small hands and you change the font when it’s small to big if your smart enough to find it.
And that's why you should work this Net book more often.

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  1. I am pleased you are enjoying using your Netbook Eneasi. Keep the posts coming so we can all share what you are learning.

    Mrs Burt


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