Monday, June 13, 2011

My Exciting Holiday

This morning I woke up with a surprise because it was the holiday I know I was going to have a a lot of fun these two weeks because my cousin were coming over from wellington by plane my auntie was on my Dad’s side, that was it I did not know were my uncle side came from all I know is my uncle is married to my auntie and he is related to me. they came to celebrate nothing i think they just came because to have fun with us because my Grandma said they had nothing to do back in Wellington except playing with their Xbox connect and their PlayStation 3 which is kind of weird because those machine is are really cool.

After that my dad said we had to go to sleep at 10:30 pm because they come before 1:00 pm. Later on somewhere 2:30 pm i was a sleep and my cousin starting steering at me while i was sleeping witch is kind of weird in the middle of the night. I knew that because he told in the morning of that day, And my other cousin told me her brother like to play with dolls or I think she said action figures. We had a lot of fun on the first day they came so i planed what we were going to after that day my first idea was to play volleyball but we couldn’t find a ball until my little brother found one.

The Last two days were fun and I had to make the other two days the most exciting. The next day was there last day and we had a lot to do and places to go, we starting packing my cousin’s bag, after we did that we went to the airport and when we to the ticket place my dad gave them the tickets and THE FLIGHT WAS CANCELED and I was happy and sad at the same time so we went home and book another flight and my cousin told the tickets cost over 200 dollars and on the next day we went to the airport again and we got there just in time for the flight so we hugged and said good bye and we went home and that was my holiday.

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