Monday, September 12, 2011

Soldier Boy The Story

There once was a little cottage with a boy and girl, they lived with their mother. One day their mother said to the boy "johnny can you go and get some fish from west side of the lake?" and the mother also said to the girl (which was her daughter) to go to get some berries from town, "here is some money". The daughter walked all the way to town and she bought the berries liked the mother told her to. Before she went the shop keeper said "I will always remember you because you are the most kindest person to me and you have one of the most brightest brunet hair and brown eyes" The shop keeper said to her "do you have a brother?" then she said "yes". "Okay, where is he now?" "he’s down by the river" "which river?" "the one near crock lake he’s getting fish" "Oh no, what do mean?, there is no fish at the crock lake there are only crocodiles at crock lake, don’t you get the hint crock from the word crocodile?". The daughter ran home and told her mother and they both ran down the to the lake.
It was to late, the lake was covered with blood and they saw some eyes glaring at them and then they ran quickly to their cottage. They saw a note on their table, it said 'Dear mother and sister I have joined the army because I must protect you and the country, love Johnny' "hurray" said the mother. "What do mean hurray, he’s going to the army" exclaimed the daughter"But that means he is still alive." said the mother
They needed to find the army he went to and why, so off they went asking people where the nearest army was. The people said it was across crock lake, so off they went again to crock lake and they crossed crock lake safely.

They saw a soldier near by, he was guarding the gate to crocodile army. The soldier said "are you here to see someone?” and then they said "yes". "okay who are you going to see" said the soldier. Mother said "we are here to see johnny Hex". The soldier said he was in training now, so they couldn’t see him now. "Can we see him train?" asked Mother. "No the place he’s gone to train is top secret so you should leave".


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