Monday, August 22, 2011

Yes Holiday Time again!!!
That was one lovely holiday, we did a lot of stuff as we managed to watched movies. One movie was called “Ink heart” it was about a man with a silver tongue ( a silver tongue is person who reads and then becomes all the characters from the book ) .

Once the man was looking for at the book called Ink Heart because his wife Resa was trapped in the book because when a character comes out somebody goes in and that somebody was his wife but then she was read out by another silver tongue that was bossed around by one really bad guy that was read out by that good man. So that was one movie. Did you see it?The other movie was called City of Ember it was about a underground location that was built after the world ended. There were numerous blackouts in the city and the longest blackout was for twenty seconds witch is kind of short for a underground city because an underground has no electricity. So that’s why? There were two little kids who found the way out and they did solve the request. So we ended with up a lot movies in the holiday. It was AWESOME...

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