Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tennis !!!!

I want my reader to understand what I'm saying and think what is going in this past experience.

On my way to school, I had just remembered after line up we had tennis . So after line Room seven ran off to the tennis court. Once we got in the tennis court we saw there was tennis equipment set up.

Marcel our tennis instructor told us how to hold the tennis racket, after that he told the girls to get a ball and racket. next he told the boys to get a racket and a ball.

After a while he taught us some amazing technique to do with my racket, my favorite technique was to throw the ball up then make bounce then catch the ball with our racket with out making it bounce on the string part on the racket it was hard.

After the technique he taught room seven a new game called king of the court, I was the king of the court at the end with four other people at the end.

After tennis we thanked Marcel and exited the court. It was an exciting experience for room 7 and me, I can’t wait till next time.

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